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As Mark Twain said ”only two things we will regret on his deathbed – that a little love and a little traveled”. Travelling is at least much easier nowadays if compared with Tom Sawyer’s author times.

We’ve created the space of the Academy of our dream, where one can be the way he is, expressing himself with creativity and science. We’ve been dreaming about a place, where one feels comfortable, learns something new, creates his day. Each room is unique, as well as our guests with their own personality and life view.

Change the environment, travel, feel love!

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Coming from America, we recently stayed at the Academy Hostel and it was a fantastic experience. The owner, Kostya, was incredibly friendly, and assisted us with booking tours and getting around the city. He even helped us arrange a local banya experience, which is definitely not to be missed! The hostel is brand new and extremely clean. The common room and kitchen are also a great place to meet fellow travelers. We’d highly recommend staying at this hostel!
Joseph, Rihanna, Catherine and Piter
Friends from the USA
+숙소에서 도보 10-15분이면 중심가까지 갈 수 있다. 또한 직원들이 전부 친절해서 매우 기분이 좋았다. 숙소 앞에 바로나오면 강변산책로가 있어서 새벽,저녁 산책하기 좋다.
South Korea, Seoul
Останавливались на одну ночь. Понравилась близость к центру города и основным достопримечательностям, а также к пляжу на Волге. Утром порадовал комплемент от Академии в честь дня города – милая коробочка с конфетками, было очень приятно и задало настроение на обратную дорогу:-) Комфортная обстановка, приветливый персонал, останавливалась второй раз, держат марку на хорошем уровне. Да, обувь нужно снимать на входе, внутри только босиком или в тапочках, берите сменку с собой
Минусы: Замки в туалете и душе немного туго идут и заедают.
The staff were really attentive, helpful and friendly. They even invited me to join them in their New Year’s Eve celebrations)))) The whole hostel was impeccably clean and tidy. There was a large lounge and kitchen, which was great for meeting other guests and fellow travelers. I would highly recommend this hostel to anyone. Спасибо большое Константин и Ольга))))
Minuses: It wasn’t the easiest place to find, a larger sign or something neon would be a good idea. Maybe I was mistaken, there only seemed to be one shower, and this might prove problematic during busy periods.
United Kingdom
Удобное расположение хостела, домашняя обстановка, чисто, можно приготовить покушать, большая просторная столовая, где можно не только поесть, но и посидеть большой компанией, поиграть в настольные игры или посмотреть телевизор, персонал отличный, всегда на рабочем месте и ответят на любой вопрос, чувствуешь себя, как дома, рядом пляж, и до центра города рукой подать, цена=качество. Всем советую!